BMW Motorcycle Showroom

Installation of 24W Retail Spotlight in a Motorcycle Showroom




Replacement of 70w halogen downlights with 24W LED retail spotlights, supplied in new gimballed housings and optics to meet retail requirements

3000k colour temperature used to meet the design criteria with high CRI for best illumination of specialist bike clothing and protections

Light (Lux) levels achieved to meet requirements for area
5 year warranty on the LED products supplied


Large energy savings: Instant 66% energy savings

Improved colour consistency: colour temperature maintained to original design, not compromised by regular lamp changes

Reduced Maintenance costs: the lamp life increases to 50 000hrs resulting in reduced disturbances to retail area

Low heat production: Low heat emissions help to reduce air conditioning consumption

CO2 Emissions savings: Reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 3.1 tonnes per year