Earthchild- Retail Store- Constantia Village

Earthchild- Constantia Village




Store Retrofit using LED, to achieve Energy cost savings under Eskom SPP. Single recessed LED Spots (20w) replace Metal Halide fittings (35w) and recessed single fitting-Halogen downlights (50w) replaced with MasterLED 6w GU10 LED. 3000k Colour temperature used on light sources to enhance the CRI with a mix of Narrow and medium beam angles; Client Brief: Light (Lux) levels were to be improved in the Retail store when retrofitting Metal Halide and Halogen lamps with LED solution- > than 60% savings to be achieved in this Retail application.


Large energy savings: Instant >75% energy savings Reduced Maintenance costs: the lamp life increases from 4000 hrs to 40 000hrs resulting in reduced disturbances to high traffic retail area. Low heat production: Low heat emissions help to reduce air conditioning consumption Specific connected load: Achieved <24w/m² specific connected load; beating landlords required shop fitting design specifications CO² Emissions: Reduced CO² emissions by approximately 2.2 tonnes per year from this retail trading floor