Hospitality Resort- Street & Area lighting

Street and Area lighting-Wild Coast Sun Casino and Resort




Replacement Swop out project of 240w HPStype fitting with Philips Clearway 120w LED street light with similar looking fitting at 12 meters mounting Easily installed onto the existing light pole as fitting adjustable for a pole top or side mounting. Simple, easy and cost effective retrofit >10 00 lumen output with a Colour temperature of 4000k, also available in 4 lumen packages for different pole heights Light (Lux) levels were increased over existing HPS that were previously used in the street light fittings.


Large energy savings: Instant 53% energy savings Reduced Maintenance costs: the lamp life increases from 6000 hrs to 50 000hrs resulting in reduced disturbances to critical area. Solid state technology thrives in constant lighting and hard to access areas Illumination Efficacy: CRI and quality LED lighting complement digital picture images and enhance security camera recording for customer security. CO² Emissions savings: Reduced CO² emissions by approximately 7.5 tonnes per year by the client